6 Things to Remember When Making Your Research Paper

In most college courses, you will encounter a research paper in at least one of your subjects. Though it might seem like just another essay for class, the research paper can teach you quite a lot about the subject, which is why professors consider this an important assignment.

Unfortunately, because the paper is so lengthy (possibly 8,000 words or more) and much reading is involved, many students find it very daunting to do. If you feel the same, read on to learn some important steps for this project.

  1. Do some initial reading

Many teachers allow their students to select a topic. Not only does this prevent copying, but it also empowers the student to do something that interests them. However, it will be hard to choose if you are not aware of the options available for you. So even before you make that selection, read as many interesting issues in your subject.

  1. Make sure you like your topic

Although the purpose of free selection is for the student to love what they will read, some students insist on trying to impress the teacher, even if the topic is something that bores them. Do not do this because you will be very unhappy reading about things you do not like.

  1. Confirm that there are resources

The internet is a boon to students as it contains so much information. However, the internet does not always have what you need. Since your paper will require a substantial amount of references to back up your views, check first to see if there are at least three sources per viewpoint in your topic. If there are, you should be good to go. If this is lacking, you better have a plan B.

  1. Organize before you write

It is not easy to make an 8,000+ word paper. To make the process easier, make detailed notes for each resource so you can access them easily. Next, it helps to create an outline of your paper where you will list the important points and the supporting theories and facts. You should also include the “hook” for your introduction and the “call for action” of your conclusion so you do not waste time thinking about them later on.

  1. Make a schedule to write

The research paper will take a long time to create as you will need to read a lot, make your notes, experiment or observe something, analyze everything, and then write several different chapters. If you want to be able to juggle your other assignments, exams, and your research paper, you need to set aside time for it.

  1. Edit your work

The final hint after writing is to ensure you edit your work. If you want a good grade, it makes sense to look at it again at least twice. The other option is for you to look at it once and then have a proofreader take a look too. It will be a shame for a great paper to receive a low grade because of typos and other errors.


The research paper can seem daunting indeed, but you CAN do well if you are prepared for it. So consider the hints above to help you do well in your research paper.