Salem Witch Trials Research Paper Topics

Salem Witch Trials are historic prosecutions conducted of people accused of witchcraft within the periods of 11692 and 1693. The prosecutions occurred in colonial Massachusetts. During the trial, thirty of the convicted personnel were declared guilty while nineteen of the thirty were executed through hanging. According to statistics, there were five men and fourteen victims with an unestablished number of injured people during the era.   

Therefore, Salem Witch trials’ inclusion in the writing of research paper topics isn’t news to most students. Such historical areas have a range of topics to explore when writing research papers. The uniqueness of such pieces of writing is unique historical values.

Here are some of the suggestion of Salem Witch Trial Research paper topics you can always consider:

  1. Witchcraft comparison between Germany and France in the 14th and 15th-century trial eras.
  2. Germany’s popular women witches in the periods of 15th and 16th centuries
  3. Witchcraft in France in the 16TH and 17th centuries
  4. Evading from Salem in the 17th century in New England
  5. Night witches and their positions in World War II
  6. Italy’s witch trials between the periods of 14th and 17th century
  7. Puritan’s religious and socio-cultural impact on Salem trial proceedings
  8. The position of gender roles in the Salem Witch trials
  9. Social and religious causes of Salem witch trials and their impact on unfair trials
  10. The implication of the Salem witch trials to the society
  11. A description of Salem witch trials
  12. The current instances on the Salem witch trials as a black historical time
  13. The revelation of the Salem witch trials on gender and power in the US
  14. Impact of Salem witch trials on America’s literature
  15. Solutions gained from Salem witch trials and executions
  16. Causes of prosecution during the Salem Witch trials
  17. The best means that could be used for avoiding Salem witch trials and execution  
  18. The relationship between Salem witch trials and gay marriage
  19. Historical analysis on the evidence of Salem witch trials
  20. Apart from superstition and religion, highlight some more explanations on Salem Witch trials.
  21. Events that contributed to the Salem witch trials
  22. Causes of Salem witch trials basing on political and social backgrounds
  23. The legitimacy of witch trials in the current world
  24. Unique accounts for Salem witch trials
  25. United States of America history on medicine, health, and women concerning Salem Witch trials
  26. Is the Puritan religion the culprit of the Salem witch trials?
  27. The primary cause of Salem witch trials in the United States of America.



In summary, there are many other research paper topics at you can always derive from the Salem Witch Trials. Since the Salem Witch Trial is a historical event that occurred some long time back, there are greater possibilities that you will find adequate time researching while enjoying navigating through history while collecting useful resources. In the end, you will implement the best research paper topic that can attract the academic community’s attention. However, the significant idea is to explore the key concepts and engage your reader in your research paper topic.